Kerri came to me unsure about the whole re-design process and outcome.  All she knew was that she didn’t want a regular traditional gown.  But after our first meeting she was sold!  To redo her mother’s gown, I took it apart completely.  I tried to use every part that I could and ended up using the original outer fabric and lining as new lining layers. Kerri said this about her experience with KED and about her

Heirloom Redesign

Heirloom noun.  A family possession handed down from generation to generation.

New dresses aren’t for everyone.  Heirloom redesign is a great option for brides who want to honor old tradition, celebrate sentimentality, or simply love vintage items.

When you entrust us with your heirloom gown, we treat it as we would your grandmother; with the utmost care and respect.  Recreating an old gown breathes new life into it.